Friday, July 9, 2010

Who Would Have Thought?

I think this is crazy! And so exciting! But both Jelly and I are expecting little girls. And on the same day! We were talking on the phone, and she jokes with me, I know what you guys were doing on Valentine's Day. ;)

Um, I have to admit. I was a little embarrassed. But that is why the guys sent us to Hawaii. Juan and I have been trying for another baby for almost 3 years. But with the stress of our daughter's illness, it was difficult. So we were so happy when we found out we were expecting. Then, when we found out we were having a little girl, Juan almost cried. It's no secret, he loves Sarita. And he loves being a daddy to little girls. So it was great news!

But to hear that Jose and Jelly are expecting too, well that was amazing! They deserve it so much! Jose didn't want to have kids until he was out of the military. And when he decided to leave the Army, we were all waiting for them to get pregnant. It's really neat to know that we're all going to have baby girls in a few months. I just wish I could spend more time around Jelly. I remember when Sals and I were pregnant at the same time. We wished we could spend more time together too. More importantly, I just hope that our daughters are born healthy and happy! ~C