Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Made Me Sad....

I haven't been watching many YouTube videos lately. You know, life gets in the way of those kinds of things. There's volunteering at school, lots of traveling, a bit of dancing, and just life. But during naptime, I had a little bit of free time. And I was trying to catch up on some of my favorite youtubers. That's when I seen this video....

It just made my heart sad. It's reality. I know that. But when you watch some of these channels, you feel like they're your friends. And it just hurts, to see someone hurt this bad. Especially when they are such good people. My prayers are going out to this precious family! ~C

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love Stitched Giveaway

Oh my goodness! Why haven't I known about Love Stitched before? Talk about beautiful handmade items. :)

Craftaholics Anonymous is currently giving away a $25 gift certificate to Love Stitched. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that I win. Everything is beautiful! Definitely items that I'd like to own! ~C

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Treasures

Is Sarita spoiled? I think so! Her Nono brought her lots of treats. From Disney World! He's here. Because he had to bring Cari Bear home. And he's staying for a few weeks. :)

These paper doll magnets, they're probably her favorite things to play with. She played all day long with them. :)

Look at these adorable shoes! Even I like these. Sarita sported these to church last night!

And a new dress up outfit. She just loves it! Thanks Nono! you know you don't have to spoil Sarita so much. But she really did love all her new treasures. ~C

Urban Rain Giveaway

Another great giveaway. This one is from Ruby at My Cakies. You have the chance to win a $25 gift certificate for Urban Rain. Look at how cute and chic these items are. Hurry and enter the giveaway! ~C

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Apron Giveaway

Isn't this apron adorable? I just love it! Everything about it. The print on the front. The red. I can't believe this is made out of a dish towel! You have the chance to win an apron or a DVD from Crochet Every Day. But hurry, the giveaway ends today! ~C

Monday, July 26, 2010

Having a Blast!

I know, it's Monday night. We're supposed to be home. Well, at Memo's house. And I haven't checked my e-mail since we left. No house hunting. Nothing. Why? Because we're having a blast! This mini vacation is so amazing!

Because of Sarita's condition, we can't really go out during the weekend. She can't be exposed to that many people. In fear that she could get sick. That means our fun times out are confined to the week days. when less people are out and about.

Papa Memo and Sarita are still planning another trip to the Zoo. Tomorrow. And we want to take her on an adventure to the mountains. I don't know, we're planning on going home Thursday. We're all having a great time! And it's incredible to see our little girl so happy and excited about life. :)

Maybe I'll check my emails. Maybe I'll tweet. I don't know. But what I do know is, we're having a good time. A great time! With our family. Loving all the time together. Making some amazing memories. This is what we all needed. ~C

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunshine Pregnancy

On Sunday, in the midst of looking for a home and packing for our trip, I played on Polyvore. I know. A good way to waste a little time. The site is addicting, I have to admit that much. But I was thinking about outfits for our trip.

I came up with this one. It's so happy and summery. Pregnancy in summer, it's not the best. Take it from me. I've never been to good at planning these things out. In fact, we went to Florida in August 2005 for Linda and Gabe's wedding. Talk about crazy! It was hot, humid, I was pregnant with Sarita, and had to dress up. Why did I waddle around Disney World? I'll never know...

But we were packing for this trip. And I thought about bringing lots of versatile pieces. The weather had been nuts around here. Rainy and cold 1 day, triple digits the next. So I did a layered look. Very cute! We actually made it to Forever 21 during the week. And I wore a similar look yesterday. Loved it! And I love how they sell maternity clothes now.

So there you go. My maternity look. It went from the a day at the Zoo, a train ride, and aquarium included. Oh, and feeding the ducks. To us going out to a nice family dinner. And it was nice to have a few options. Because it was hot outside. But freezing indoors. Thank goodness for Polyvore! And for La Chiquitita's suggestions of places to visit! She is from a pretty amazing city. ~C

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Need to...

I desperately need to learn how to sew. There are so many fabulous things that my daughter loves! But they're all handmade. And me and a sewing machine...well we've never met. I never took home ec is school. And everything about sewing seems foreign to me

But these cute little guys, they're from Happy Together. The pattern is even free. But I don't know where to begin. I called La Chiquitita, yes on her vacation, and asked her about them. She gave me a list of materials to buy. And tried to talk me through the process. Um, I wish she was here! Then she could help me. Or maybe just maybe, she'll make them for Sarita. I did buy the materials. I just don't know where to begin...

But I really do want to learn how to sew. I mean, come on, Cari Bear knows how to sew too! I think I'm going to be on the look out for the sales at Target. I know I've seen them on sale for $100. Maybe with my own sewing machine, maybe just maybe, I'll be able to learn how to sew. ~C

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Looking for a New House...

Not going to lie here. Juan and I are a little stressed out. We need a house. Here. At home. We belong here. OK, we both grew up about 45 miles south of here. And spent most of our lives there. Until the flood. Then lots of things happened. And we moved east. First to San Antonio. Then to take care of our daughter.

Now, we're looking for a home. Nothing too fancy. But it has to be a 3 bedroom house. You know, our familia is growing here. We're hoping to stay under $250,000. And I'm saying nothing fancy, because we've decided to have a home built. But that generally means, 18-24 months. Oh boy! Maybe we should have thought about this before getting pregnant.

But we need a house relatively soon. Because I'm well into my 2nd trimester. And we can't continue to stay at Memo's house. Do you know what I mean? We love him. We really do! And he is just like family. But we can't do it anymore. We need a place for our family to grow. We won't stop traveling east for Sarita's treatments. But we're hoping that after our little girl is born, well, that maybe there is a cure in our future. We can only pray.

Juan and I spent the better part of today scooping out a few things. Some properties here. Near Memo and all of our friends. Now I really know why La Chiquitita and her Hombre are buying a house here. Close enough to the city. But still a little town. And if you find the right piece of property, almost out in the middle of nowhere. Love it!

We found a lot. One that we really like. For a really good deal. And we called our real estate agent. I know. It's Sunday. But you have to move on these great deals. She is starting our paperwork. An offer is being made tomorrow! In the meantime, we need a house. One that is built. And we're more than OK to live in the city for a year or so. While we build our home.

I found an old Craig's List listing. I hope that this house is still available. It looks like the current owners are selling it. A good deal too. Juan and I learn that it's best to buy directly from the seller. That's what we did in San Antonio. And we got an amazing deal! We just want to see more pictures. They had none of the bedrooms or bathrooms. Maybe even go look around the actual home.

And we found another listed on a local real estate agents website. For $198,000. The lot is small. There's not much grass either. But it's a good location. A fairly nice layout. Again, just a little small. 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A cul-de-sac and nice views. The house generally looks a little small. But we just need a home for "now."

I know what you're thinking. Why not go with our real estate agent? We could. But she exclusively works on custom homes. And in this small community. Don't get me wrong, you drive down one street and you're in the city. But do you understand? It's a place where more expensive real estate is sold. And most of the newer homes are custom built. It takes a while. And that's all she does.

If worst comes to worst, La Chiquitita, Berto, and Sanchocito have all offered up their homes. I know that Memo would enjoy us staying here too. But we really want a place of our own. Now to go email the one woman from the Craig's List house. And to call the real estate agent and leave a message. Let's see who we hear from first...

Not only are we looking for a home, but we're going on a small trip tomorrow. Up north. About a 3 hour drive. We're going to La Chiquitita's (Nana) hometown. :)To take Sarita to the big Zoo, museum, and who knows what not all. We'll be gone for about a week. Maybe we can find a home by then. Fingers and toes crossed. Even if we do all of our business online. We just need a home. Can you tell that I'm super stressed out at the moment? ~C

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good 'ol Days Mariachi Style

Today my husband is back at work. Mariachi style! :) And it's starting to feel like old times. Sarita and I are hanging out at Papa Memo's house. With Sals and her girls. Spending the day swimming.

All the girls are napping. Sals is feeding her twins. Who are so precious! Papa Memo is fixing us a snack. And all I can think about is mariachi. I know Juan misses it. But I'm so glad that he is able to be with Sarita and I during her treatments. I know that must sound very selfish, but we need him.

But it's back to the "Good 'ol Days" for Juan and the guys. At least for this weekend. It's so hot outside. And I just hope that most of their gigs are inside. I already miss my husband. And I wish I would hear him sing and play. It's one of my favorite things in the entire world to do. Especially this song, La Chinita. It immediately made me think of him when I heard it on YouTube. ~C