Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Purple Grapes?

Today Sarita asked me why "grape flavored" things are purple. Um, I really don't know. I had never really thought about it. But my 3 year old was wondering. Why? Because she was eating a grape popsicle.

You know, you buy grapes, they green or red. Wine is white or red. But everything grape flavored (candy, juice, popsicles, kool-aid, etc.) are purple. Weird. I know. But it just had me thinking.

Sarita and I came to the conclusion that it's just a fun color. Let's not even get into why "razzleberry flavored" things are blue. What the heck is a razzleberry? ~C

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It All Started Here...

Our daughter is a HUGE Cinderella fan! Or in our house, she is known as 'Rella! This is how it all started...

When Juan and I found out we were having a little girl, we were so excited! Funny how I always thought my husband would want a son. But he told me that he wants nothing but little girls! One weekend, the mariachi had gigs all weekend. And literally, they had 3 hours off a night. It was a busy weekend. In the middle of summer. They're crazy time of year!

Between gigs, the guys decided to stop and get something to eat. Somehow, that led my husband to Target. Why? I'm not sure. But that's where he went. And he came home with this Cinderella baby doll.

She is too cute! And she has a soft body. Well, 'Rella sat in Sarita's crib until she was born. Then she became Sarita's favorite character. She always had to have her baby 'Rella with her.

Shortly after Sarita got sick, we lost 'Rella. We accidently left her in one of the many doctors' offices we were frequenting. And we searched high and low for another soft 'Rella. Sarita cried for her baby. Somehow Nana found one. She came to the rescue and overnighted 'Rella to us! Our baby 'Rella is part of the family. We never go anywhere without her. And every night, my 2 princesas go off to Dreamland together. ~C

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Love!

When I was pregnant with Sarita, we were really busy. No lie! We had friends who were expecting. Friends getting married. A friend who was sick. And my husband was working almost non-stop! It was just busy. The summers used to be so busy for us. That's when my husband works the most. It wasn't unusual for him to go to work at 6 in the morning (on a Saturday) and not return home until 5am on Sunday. Then he'd sleep for 2 hours, get up and head back out. The life of a musician.

With that, I had his schedule with me all the time. We would try and meet sometime on between Thursday-Sunday for lunch. Let me tell you, it was hard to find even 30 minutes. And I'd spend a lot of time wobbling around town, just trying to catch up with him. I was probably 7 months pregnant. Oh, and we live in the desert. The temps were at least 100 degrees every day!

My dear friend La Chiquitita would see me. I was beat tired. Trying to get ready for our little girl. Running around. Picking up CD orders for my husband. Going with him to pick up trajes. It was none stop. And I mention to La Chiquitita how I couldn't sleep at night. It was miserable! I just couldn't unwind.

Did I mention? She works with my OB/GYN. A few days later, I went in for my appointment. It was insanely hot outside. And during my last trimester, I only wore dresses. I really couldn't stand anything else. At home, I was usually in underwear, a tank top, and the AC was always on! The heat was just miserable! But that day, La Chiquitita had a present for me...

This little basket full of "The Healing Garden" lavender set. It's heaven! It had way more products than this set. And it smells so good! I about cried. she also included a CD of relaxing classical music and a massage book. That night, I tried everything out! And I slept like a baby.

I still use this line. And for my baby shower, La Chiquitita included another scent for the line. I can't even remember the name of it. But it was another one designed for relaxing and sleeping. Sadly, they don't make it anymore. :(

But this stuff is amazing. I use the lotion the most. I like the texture and the scent. It's not over powering. And something that just makes me smile. Even in a hospital. Oh, and Sarita LOVES to be massaged with this! It's a complete success! ~C

Saturday, September 12, 2009


We're not the kind of parents that restrict our daughter on what toys she can play with. Because she's been through a lot! A whole lot! And when she says that she would like to play with a car or a Barbie, we're OK with it.

When our daughter was 2 years old, she wanted to play with Barbies. My husband was all over that! He left the hospital and came back with 3 and a ton of clothes! We don't spoil her. But when we've been in the hospital for 6 weeks, barely surviving, and your daughter asks for a toy. Well, it's the least we can do. An added bonus, she's a really good kid. And likes to share.

Sals and I had this talk. Because our daughters are close in age. And printed on the Barbie box is a warning. Something about your child should be 3 years old to play with them. Like I said, our daughter is a lot older than her numerical age. It could have something to do with her pretty much living in the hospital. Sals wouldn't let Marissa have a Barbie until she turned 3.

Since the 1st Barbies, our daughter has really got into her Barbies. I doubt that they will ever overtake 'Rella. But we have a nice little collection. Recently, I seen this one at Target.

I really want to buy it for Sarita. I know it is a little much for a soon to be 4 year old. But to see her sweet smile would make Juan and I so happy! I know $60 is a lot of money. But you only turn 4 once! And this will probably be her entire present from us. Now I think, I need to go to Target. :) ~C

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Berenstain Bears

This was one of my favorite books to read when I was little. I like the whole series really. They had them at school. But this was my favorite! And one of the 1st things I bought when I found out I was having a baby. I figured, both a boy or a girl would love and appreciate it. :)

Sarita and I read lots of books all the time! Every night we have a bedtime story. Every morning, we read from her Children's Bible. Thanks Nana for it! But today, we got a special surprise from Nana. Another HUGE LOVER OF BOOKS!

That's right! The Berenstain Bears have a book about praying! Love it! I can see us reading this many, many times. Thanks again Nana! ~C

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Find

Sarita hasn't been this happy in a long time! She got a big box in the mail today. Loaded with things from her Nana, la chiquitita. She is a good friend of ours, and Sarita's nina. Everything was wrapped individually.

In the box, Sarita got 2 coloring books, new crayons, new markers, and 4 new books. She really enjoys reading! And Nana made her some more animals for her collection. Her favorites are the 3 new pigs! The one with the polka dot ribbon is too cute! There is also a rag doll with clothes to play with. There are dresses, nightgowns, and cute pants outfits.

But that is not all! La chiquitita sent Sarita 3 new hats. They are just too stylish. And 2 dresses that she made. Between Sarita's Nana and Nono, she is really spoiled. Right now she is sitting in her bed coloring in her new books. With her piggies sitting in her lap. If I could figure out how to post a picture, I would show you all the amazing stuff that Sarita got in the mail today! We are blessed to have caring people like la chiquitita in our lives. ~C

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Beginnings and Blessings

I am starting this blog as a way to keep in touch with our friends and family. It has been a rough couple of years. Sarita has been sick since she was 9 months old. And was diagnosed when she was just 15 months old. Our entire lives stopped so that we could take care of our baby girl. And we moved so that she could get the best treatment we could find.

For our family, life is on an upswing. And we have to enjoy every second of it! Sarita finished her latest treatment last week. She won't start up again until after her 4th birthday. Very good news! We want her to have as normal of a birthday as possible. She deserves it. We will also be going back home. Mems is going to help us with a pig or 2. And a Matanza is the way to celebrate 4 amazing years with Sarita!

We miss everyone back home so much! I know that Juan misses playing. But the guys have been so great to us. During such a difficult time, we need all the support we can get. They have been right here with us. Picking up the slack when we just couldn't deal with life. They are more than just friends, they really are family.We are really blessed. ~C