Saturday, September 12, 2009


We're not the kind of parents that restrict our daughter on what toys she can play with. Because she's been through a lot! A whole lot! And when she says that she would like to play with a car or a Barbie, we're OK with it.

When our daughter was 2 years old, she wanted to play with Barbies. My husband was all over that! He left the hospital and came back with 3 and a ton of clothes! We don't spoil her. But when we've been in the hospital for 6 weeks, barely surviving, and your daughter asks for a toy. Well, it's the least we can do. An added bonus, she's a really good kid. And likes to share.

Sals and I had this talk. Because our daughters are close in age. And printed on the Barbie box is a warning. Something about your child should be 3 years old to play with them. Like I said, our daughter is a lot older than her numerical age. It could have something to do with her pretty much living in the hospital. Sals wouldn't let Marissa have a Barbie until she turned 3.

Since the 1st Barbies, our daughter has really got into her Barbies. I doubt that they will ever overtake 'Rella. But we have a nice little collection. Recently, I seen this one at Target.

I really want to buy it for Sarita. I know it is a little much for a soon to be 4 year old. But to see her sweet smile would make Juan and I so happy! I know $60 is a lot of money. But you only turn 4 once! And this will probably be her entire present from us. Now I think, I need to go to Target. :) ~C