Monday, July 26, 2010

Having a Blast!

I know, it's Monday night. We're supposed to be home. Well, at Memo's house. And I haven't checked my e-mail since we left. No house hunting. Nothing. Why? Because we're having a blast! This mini vacation is so amazing!

Because of Sarita's condition, we can't really go out during the weekend. She can't be exposed to that many people. In fear that she could get sick. That means our fun times out are confined to the week days. when less people are out and about.

Papa Memo and Sarita are still planning another trip to the Zoo. Tomorrow. And we want to take her on an adventure to the mountains. I don't know, we're planning on going home Thursday. We're all having a great time! And it's incredible to see our little girl so happy and excited about life. :)

Maybe I'll check my emails. Maybe I'll tweet. I don't know. But what I do know is, we're having a good time. A great time! With our family. Loving all the time together. Making some amazing memories. This is what we all needed. ~C