Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Missing Cari Bear

We made it home yesterday. Well, to Papa Memo's house. and it feels amazing! He is definitely like a father figure to Juan and I. And Sarita's Papa (grandpa.) It just feels nice to be home. And to see all of our friends and family. We're just waiting for La Chiquitita (or Nana) to come home too!

It feels really good to be back. And we need to start looking for a house. Juan and I are hoping to buy a house here, before the baby comes. We have so much to do! We really need to get on top of this. We're not sure if we want to go through a real estate agent. Or just to go look for a home that is being sold by the owner. We'll just have to wait and see.

But this morning, Sarita came to our room a little sad. She misses Cari Bear. As do we. And Papa Memo. But Cari Bear is in Florida with Big O (or Nono.) Enjoying a vacation with her Nono. The house is so quiet without her. And we miss her so much! Sarita laid with us for a while before going to hangout with her Papa Memo. He told us tonight, that he misses his Cari Bear too. But he's glad that she can have such a great vacation.

We can't wait until Cari Bear comes home. But I hope she has a great time! Until then, we're going to try and help keep Papa Memo busy. Because he needs it. It's so sad to see him down. But I think Sarita is doing a good job at keeping him busy. :) ~C