Thursday, June 24, 2010

Life and Music

I seen this video on La Chiquitita's blog recently. I've been trying to catch up on my blog reading. But I just thought it was a cute song. And the video reminds me of her. Because she is silly like the girl in the video.

You see, our friend is a quiet person by nature. And a little shy. OK, a lot shy when it comes to men. And for years, I listened to countless men confess their love for her. But they were all too shy to ask her out. Because even though she is shy, she is very successful. And men are a little taken aback by that.

But in the end, she found a man. They met by chance. And she captured his heart. Without even trying. That's what happened. He'll admit it. In the end, they met. And he finally had the huevos to ask her out. Now, you can't find a happier couple out there. How funny life is. Music mirrors life and life mirrors music. Oh, and Pepe Aguilar happens to be La Chiquitita 's favorite singer too! ~C