Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day. One of my favorite times of the year. I've been so very blessed with the best men in the world. I'm going to write 4 letters, to 4 of my favorite hombres. I hope you enjoy! ~C

Dear Papi,

I know your my dad. And you're supposed to love me. And tell me things like I'm the prettiest girl in the world. But it's all those other things that make me love you so very much. Like when I just need a hug, and you're right here. When my best friend died, and my baby girl got sick. You were just here.

As a little girl, I admired you. I liked to watch you work. Because there wasn't a thing that you couldn't do. You taught me as a little girl, what to look for in a man. And honestly, I owe everything to you. Without that, I would have never seen Juan coming. I would never have allowed myself to love him. Or to be this happy. Thank you for that!

Every day, I'm grateful that God gave me to you. Because you make my life better. Like remembering my Nerds or Hersey's with Almonds. Thank you papi! I'm crying like crazy. Because I just can't put into words how much you mean to me. I love you more than you will ever know!


Your Little C

Dear Papa,

All those years ago, I was so nervous to meet you. I wanted you to love me. And I wasn't sure if I was going to make a good first impression. I still remember the day I met you and Mama. Juan told me we were going to go to your house for dinner. And I was so nervous. I took extra time to get ready. Making sure I didn't have a wrinkle in my clothes.

By this time, I knew I loved Juan with all my heart. I hoped that you would see that. And I hoped that you would welcome me into your family. And you did. I hadn't gotten out of the car, when I felt these 2 strong arms envelope me in a bear hug. I will never in my lifetime forget that moment.

I don't see you as my father in law. But more like my dad. I love sitting down to talk to you. Just sharing stories. I especially love the relationship that you have with your son and my daughter. :) I know, Juan is the man that he is, because of you. You taught him so well. And I want to Thank you for that.

The last 5 years have been tough. I've wanted to sit and cry many times. And sometimes, you just let me. Without judging me. But knowing that I needed it. Thank you! I know as long as you live, I'll always have someone on my side. I Thank God every day for sending Juan, yourself, and your entire family my way.


Your Daughter C

Dear Big O,

How did you get that name in the first place? I think it had something to do with La Chiquitita. But I'm glad it stuck. And I'm so glad that you're in our lives. Who would have thought, one of Juan's oldest and dearest friends, would become one of my very best friends in the entire world?

I remember that week that changed all of our lives forever. My heart was broken. I didn't know which was up. And I'm certain, you felt a million times worse. And then, our little princesa came. In all her glory. She was the angel sent by B to take care of us. I still remember that day. The day that you and La Chiquitita became our family forever.

Sarita could not be luckier. She has people in her life that love her so much. But I know, if something should happen to Juan and I, she would be well taken care of. Her Nono and Nana love her so much. Nothing in the world makes her happier than hearing from the 2 of you.

I know, deep down in my heart, one day you will become a dad. I know it's hard to imagine right now. Nearly 5 years later. But I know, it will happen one day. For know, I'm more than happy to share my little girl with you. God sent her 2 very special Godparents and an Angel. That much, I know.

Thank you for everything you do for Sarita. And for our entire family. You've gone way out of your way to help us. To be supportive. And to be loving. I will always appreciate that! And don't forget, some of the best family, is not related by blood.



Dear Mi Amorcito,

I can remember all those years ago. On our first date. As young as we were. Dreaming about everything the world had to offer us. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for the life we have. It's not always sunshine and puppy dogs. But there's no other life that I'd want.

I remember when we were trying to get pregnant. All I could think of was the perfect baby with your chubby cheeks and big heart. Oh, let's not forget that wonderful voice. I prayed and prayed that God would bless us with a baby. One that you could teach how to make yummy cookies, love everyone, and maybe, just maybe how to sing too!

And God did bless us. With a perfect Angel. In the time our lives that we needed her most. Sarita came. Bouncing and all smiles. Just like her daddy. And although, we've had a difficult, and at times heartbreaking 5 years, there is no one that I'd rather be walking this road with, than you.

All the sleepless nights that we've spent in hospitals, wondering if our little girl would see the sun rise again, I'm glad you were at my side. Never once, have you faltered, given up, or let us down. You've held me when I've fallen apart. You've wiped away my tears. You've held our baby girl tight. Rocked her to sleep. And sang to ease her pain.

I'm sitting here in a crying mess. Just thinking about the amazing man that you are. I could never have gotten through all of this without you. Never! As loving and as caring as you are to me, your a million times that with our daughter. And I'd honestly, have it no other way.

Knowing that you're "Our Papi" gets me and Sarita through the days. Even the really bad ones. I know that you would do anything to trade places with her. But I want you to know just how much you mean to the both of us. We dreamt up so many wonderful things to give you for Father's Day. And I really hope you enjoy your presents.

If there was anything I could do for you, I'd make you "King for the Day." That way, you could feel just as special as you make me and our little girl feel every day of our lives. I'm so lucky you're my husband. But our daughter is the lucky one. She has you as a daddy. And one day, I know, she is going to find a perfect husband for her. Because, you have shown her what a real man, husband, and daddy should be.

Happy Father's Day!


Your Amorcita