Saturday, June 12, 2010


Around here, 'Rella is #1! Sarita just loves her. And of course, Prince Charmin'. It's nothing we've pushed on her. Rather, it's something that she just loves. And everyone knows it. Knows it with a passion.

Her Nana and Nono are always sending some cute 'Rella doll or outfit. Sarita just loves them all! So we thought it would make her decision easy. She was granted a "Make-A-Wish" wish. Sarita just has to decide what she wants to do. And that's our problem.

I guess I just figured she'd want to go see 'Rella. But her Nono works at Disney World. So that was out for her. Crazy, I know. And she just can't decide where to go. She's talked about Sea World and even a NASCAR race of all things! But no decision yet.

Anyway that we spin this one, Nono has come to the rescue. When Sarita is feeling up to it, he's talking her to the Magical Kingdom! Our little girl is very lucky! Now to just decide on this wish. ~C