Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oh My 'Rella!

Have I told you this before? My daughter is spoiled! And I can't even say by me and my husband. But by her Godparents. They really went all out this year for Sarita's birthday. Here are just a few of her favorite 'Rella presents. Let's not forget about all the clothes. And the big trunk of dress up goodies from Cinderella's Castle. Thanks Nono! Yes, straight from Disney World to our little princesa! And all the handmade things from Nana. Oh and the Barbies!

A cute necklace!

Some talking jewelry.

These cute gloves and fun purse! It's perfect!

A 'Rella with lots of clothes!

'Rella, Prince Charmin', a castle, and lots of fun things to play with!

Need a carriage, some fun animals, and a Fairy Godmother?

A laughing and talking 'Rella baby doll!

Another fun 'Rella baby doll. She really likes this one!

A 'Rella Barbie doll. Too cute!

This one has a long dress. She's pretty!

And another Tea Set. She likes to keep her other one at her Nana. Something tells me it has to do with their "Tea Parties." Who would like real tea and sugary snacks?

As you can see, our little princesa is spoiled by her Godparents. And not just with the material goods. But with lots and lots of LOVE! Thank you Nana and Nono! You both mean so much to us! ~C