Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Angel

It's been 4 long years. And I still miss B. She suffered a lot. But always had a smile on her face. You would never have known all the pain she was in. And very unexpectedly and suddenly, B went to heaven. God called our Angel home.

It was a tough time. For all of us. Sals had just had Marissa. Linda and Gabe had just gotten married. And we were waiting for Sarita. But that day, 4 years ago, our lives shattered. Especially Big O's. I just don't know how he made it through everything. I honestly don't know how.

B was one of my best friends. Our husbands are best friends. They've known each other forever! And worked together. As the wives of musicians, we became quick and close friends. How could you not be B's friend? But we got really close. And she was one of my very best friends.

Even when she got really sick, I liked to go spend time with her. It was so hard to see her getting so sick and weak. But Juan and I really want for B and Big O to be our baby girl's Godparents. No matter what was in B's future. We wanted our little girl to be blessed with good Godparents.

And just 5 days before our little girl was born, B went to God's Kingdom. It was a tough week. And the day that B was buried, I went into labor. I never thought I would make it through labor. And the delivery. But Big O and La Chiquitita were there as support for Juan and I.

Even in that tough week, we had a bright spot. I know B was there. And our daughter was born perfect. Even in the coming months, when we found out that Sarita was sick, I knew B was there. Every time we go home, I have to go visit B. I just feel a need to be close to her. La Chiquitita and Big O have been great! They're Sarita's Godparents. And they both LOVE to share stories about B with Sarita. Sarita has 2 middle names. Of course, we had to name her after B! And she knows all about our Angel!

I like that La Chiquitita and I can sit and talk about our dear friend. We both miss her so much! And it still feels like a great shock. Every year, I cry my eyes out. I miss B so much! And I know she is in heaven with her little one. I just wish we would have had more time with one of the very best people I have ever had the privilege to know! We LOVE you B! ~C