Saturday, January 9, 2010


I got this amazing gift for Christmas. From the very thoughtful Chiquitita. She happens to have so many great ideas! And she's my Comadre. And one of my very best friends. You know the kind. When you life is falling apart, you call them. La Chiquitita is that friend for me. She inspired me and encouraged me to start my blog. Yup, she has been blogging for almost 10 years now. Her private's AMAZING!

And she's been journal-ing even longer. I remember the very first trip we ever took together, La Chiquitita had her journal. And she was peacefully lost in her words. Writing away. It always amazed me. But she just loves to write.

Before Christmas, we were talking about journal-ing. And a few of us were wanting to start on this little project. My Comadre had a good idea. And got all of us these amazing journals and pens. A very thoughtful gift. The first few pages, she wrote a nice letter and added a few quotes. I will cherish this forever!

Over the last few weeks, I've been writing every day in my journal. I like to blog. And I really like to read blogs. Like no bodies business! Especially the more personalized, family blogs. :) But journal-ing, I feel like I can write about anything and everything on my mind. All those scary thoughts, and happy things. And I never feel like I'm going to be judged. It's a nice little hobby to get into. And I enjoy setting 10 minutes aside every day to just be alone with my thoughts. ~C