Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarita!

Dear Baby Girl,

We can't believe you turn 4 years old today! Where has all the time gone? Believe me when I say this, but it feels just like yesterday when I found out you were growing inside me. It was such a happy day! One that your daddy and I prayed for all the time!

The day you were born, you changed our lives forever! I know that your daddy and I are so proud to be your parents. We had no idea what to expect. Or if we were even going to be good at this. I hope we're doing a good job. Because mi amorcita, you deserve the very best parents!

The last 4 years have flown by! I remember holding you during our first few nights at home. I would pray all the time. I prayed that God would help me to be the best mama I could be. And when you started to sit up, roll over, crawl, walk, and even just made my heart grow so much!

It is such an honor to say that I'm your mama. I love you with all of my heart. I know your daddy feels the same way. Every night, we go to bed, and your daddy and I Thank God for you. Sarita you make our lives better!

I wish every day that I could trade places with you. I want for you to be healthy. I wish that I could give you that much. Instead, we pray for that. And we try to make all your other dreams and wishes come true.

The last year, you've grown up so much! I love the way you talk to all of your doctors. You're such a big girl! And I just love talking to you. It's so much fun to sit and talk about all the girly things you like. I love that you rock your little hats and scarves. That you love your piggies and 'Rella so much!

But most of all, I love you! With all of my heart. My days begin with thoughts of all the things I want to do with you in that day. And my days end, Thanking God for all the things we have done! I want you to be happy. I pray that you are going to grow strong. And that you have the chance to meet your "Prince Charming." And one day have a family of your own. But most of all, I pray for your health and happiness!

Happy 4th Birthday Amorcita!


Your Mama and Papi