Sunday, September 20, 2009

It All Started Here...

Our daughter is a HUGE Cinderella fan! Or in our house, she is known as 'Rella! This is how it all started...

When Juan and I found out we were having a little girl, we were so excited! Funny how I always thought my husband would want a son. But he told me that he wants nothing but little girls! One weekend, the mariachi had gigs all weekend. And literally, they had 3 hours off a night. It was a busy weekend. In the middle of summer. They're crazy time of year!

Between gigs, the guys decided to stop and get something to eat. Somehow, that led my husband to Target. Why? I'm not sure. But that's where he went. And he came home with this Cinderella baby doll.

She is too cute! And she has a soft body. Well, 'Rella sat in Sarita's crib until she was born. Then she became Sarita's favorite character. She always had to have her baby 'Rella with her.

Shortly after Sarita got sick, we lost 'Rella. We accidently left her in one of the many doctors' offices we were frequenting. And we searched high and low for another soft 'Rella. Sarita cried for her baby. Somehow Nana found one. She came to the rescue and overnighted 'Rella to us! Our baby 'Rella is part of the family. We never go anywhere without her. And every night, my 2 princesas go off to Dreamland together. ~C